Deligma tracks in the charts

Deligma has been rated #1 and #2 on the Triple J Unearthed Metal Charts for 2 tracks “Vendetta” & “Goodbye”. These songs are taken from  the band’s latest EP release “Forever Faded”. Mixed by Lachlan Mitchell at Attic in early 2011, after travelling down to Devonport in Tasmania to help put the finishing touches to the recording in their home town. The songs have also infiltrated the General Unearthed Charts and placed as high as #3- amazing! Well done. These guys are destined for big things - keep a look out for Deligma!


Jezabels debut album recorded at Attic

The recording of the Jezabels’ debut album has just been completed at Attic with their producer/engineer Lachlan Mitchell. There is a huge buzz surrounding these guys after sold out tours in the US and Europe, and a trilogy of great EPs recorded with Lachlan, expect more incredible music from The Jezabels in 2011. "Endless Summer" is the first single off their forthcoming album "Prisoner" has been released and is being played on Triple J.


New gear at Attic

Vintech X73s arrive! Last month saw the much-anticipated arrival of 4 Vintech X73 mic preamp channels to Attic from the US. These beauties are modeled directly after the Neve 1073 mic preamp and equalizer, the most sought after mic pre amp channel on the planet. These units add punch and fullness to any recorded sound All clients using Attic will be able to experience the goodness of these incredible channels when they record with us.